Thursday, September 2, 2010


We closed on a house today. I am so stinking excited I can barely contain myself. We take possession on Saturday at 5:00 pm and plan on starting the move in at 5:01. Because I have concluded that I am not all that technologically gifted, if you would like to see more pics you will have to look at them on facebook. The pics are of the house with the seller's decorations, it will be significantly more empty when we get it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Political Convention

I spent my Saturday at the Utah State political convention for my party. I have to admit that I was not all that excited about going. A whole day of politics; that really is not my idea of a good time. I did go prepared, I brought a book.
It turned out that it was not too bad at all. The worst part of the whole day was making through the maze of people and signs trying to persuade any undecided delegates to one camp or another. It turned out that the whole proceding was much more light hearted than I expected and dare I say even enjoyable. That was a very big surprise.
Not all of my canidates won but still it was a good experience that I might even consider doing again.
As far as lessons learned: I would not give my phone number to canidates again, they called non-stop in the month proceeding the convention, and I would definetely bring the book.
It was very much worth participating in the political process.

Monday, March 29, 2010


So I went to the republican caucus on Tuesday. Lucky for me caucuses were done by legeslative district this year instead of by precinct. Had they been held by precinct I never would have found the caucus because no one from my precinct showed up or apparently has for a while.
It turns out that when you are the only one from your precinct to show up to the caucus they ask you to fill all 7 positions available.
I didn't think that I could handle 7 titles, so I asked which were the most important, I would do those. So I am now the precinct chair, the county delegate, and the state delegate. I am still not sure exactly what this entails, all I know is that I will be going to a couple of meetings. I assume that there is a little more to it and hopefully someone will let me know what that "more" is.

Friday, March 5, 2010


I am now officially done training and have completed my first week as an independent Nurse Practitioner. I am SO excited about it.
Really I am excited about a bunch of little things. I have a desk where I can put pictures of my sweetheart. I have business cards and a prescription pad with MY name on them. MY name is on the office door and on the directory on the first floor so my patients know where to find me. I even have a front desk staff and medical assistant. I LOVE IT! My mom and honey told me I should take a picture pointing to my name on the directory, but I am a little embarrassed because I don't think that I am supposed to be so excited about something so not-a-big-deal, but I am.
Since this was my first week taking my own patients there were some gaps in my schedule, I had quite a few empty appointments, but today, today it was full. That was a great feeling. Next week, not so full, but I will keep my fingers crossed that that changes.
Overall I am thrilled! And so excited to finally be here. YEAH!!!!